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Nar Mobile VR is a virtual reality (VR) experience developed for Nar Mobile to display its services at a telecommunications event.

Guests were invited to participate in various VR games while learning about the latest offerings from Nar Mobile. The VR experience was designed to be both entertaining and educational, allowing guests to have fun while learning about the company's products and services. The VR games were selected to engage and captivate guests, while also providing information about Nar Mobile's offerings. One of the highlights of the VR experience was the opportunity for guests to try out the latest VR technology and see how it could enhance their experience with Nar Mobile. 

Next projects

LifeBoat VR

LifeBoat VR

LifeBoat VR is a virtual reality training program or VRT developed by Customar and ASCO to increase awareness and prepare maritime workers for emergency situations.

Bakcell VR Flame Towers

Bakcell VR Flame Towers

Flame Towers VR is an immersive virtual reality experience developed by Customar to promote Bakcell's new stand at BakuExpo.