Lexus LS500 Augmented Reality Application

Lexus AR is an augmented reality experience developed for Lexus Turkiye, as a promotional campaign to showcase the features and capabilities of their cars.

To use the Lexus AR experience, customers would simply point their smartphone or tablet at the displayed car. This would bring up a 3D model of the car on the screen, allowing the user to explore the exterior and interior of the vehicle in detail. This allowed customers to get a more in-depth understanding of the car and what it had to offer.

Lexus AR experience was a successful promotional campaign that helped the company to connect with customers in a memorable way. By using innovative technology and engaging with customers in an interactive way, Lexus Turkiye was able to showcase the features and capabilities of their cars in a way that truly resonated with their target audience.

Visitors can see what's inside of the new Lexus car with this augmented reality app. Just aim blueprint sign to the car and see next

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