Nar Mobile VR Experience for Bakutel 2018


Nar Mobile


VR projects

The Nar VR experience was developed for Nar Mobile as a way to promote the company's products and services at a telecommunications expo.
The experience was designed to be an immersive and engaging way for attendees to learn about Nar Mobile's offerings, and to get a sense of what it would be like to use their products and services.

The Nar VR experience was set up in a dedicated area at the expo, and attendees were invited to put on a virtual reality headset and immerse themselves in the virtual world. Once inside the virtual environment, users were able to explore different virtual spaces and interact with various elements of the experience, such as virtual displays and demonstrations of Nar Mobile's products and services.

Next projects

Bank Respublika VR Escape Game

Bank Respublika VR Escape Game

Bank Respublika VR is a virtual reality (VR) game developed for one of the leading banks in Azerbaijan as part of their rebranding plan to attract younger clients. The game allows users to immerse themselves in a realistic office setting and play a variety of engaging games that promote the bank's new products and services.

Allianz Insurance Virtual Reality Training

Allianz Insurance Virtual Reality Training

For Allianz Insurance, a leading insurance company in the world, we developed a virtual reality training (VRT) program to educate warehouse trainees about the safety instructions imposed by the company.