Onnoverse is a revolutionary metaverse developed by Customar, featuring a unique blend of AR, VR, and desktop capabilities.
It is the only metaverse on Solana that offers users the ability to seamlessly move their NFT avatars between AR and VR environments, allowing for a truly immersive and interactive experience. 

In Onnoverse, users can interact with their 3D NFTs in a variety of ways. They can play with their NFTs in both AR and VR, exploring the virtual world and interacting with other users and their avatars. This allows users to take their NFTs with them wherever they go, whether they are using a desktop computer, an AR device, or a VR headset. This creates endless possibilities for users to collect, trade, and interact with their NFTs in a variety of ways. Onnoverse also offers a wide range of activities and experiences for users to enjoy, including games, social events, and more.

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