WWF - Let's make books more interesting

WWF Azerbaijan makes reading of books even more interesting for children!

At BakuTel 2018 International exhibition of innovative products, WWF Azerbaijan presented its Augmented Reality (AR) tool integrated with special books for children. This innovative project brings together information technologies, education, and ecology.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology presented at the exhibition brings closer to visitors the rare animals living in Azerbaijan and adds more fun in reading and education process for children.

Now everyone can download “ARzoom” application from Google Play Market or App Store, scan with the phone camera the special picture-code on the books about animals published by WWF Azerbaijan and watch on the smartphone 3D animation of selected animals living in Azerbaijan.

This innovative project brings together information technologies, education and ecology is aimed at the promotion of reading and education among children and constitutes a part of the important Social Campaign launched by WWF Azerbaijan devoted to promoting care and love toward the country's nature and rare animal species.

Each of us is responsible for the protection of nature and rare animals and only together we can achieve the preservation of the country's unique ecology and animal species for future generations! Together Possible!

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