The Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies constantly supports successful innovative projects, as one of the measures taken to expand the startup movement in the country.

As a result, the startups at the Business Intelligence Center of the High Technology Park, which received a grant from the Ministry of Information Technology of the Ministry, are already presenting their products under the brand Made in Azerbaijan at world markets.

One of such successful projects is the virtual reality (VR) game called "Highness", developed by CustomAR, a resident of the High Tech Park's Business Incubation Center. The game is dedicated to our hero soldiers who fought against the enemy. The creators of the game were inspired by the "Lale Tepe" height of the National Army in the front line in April 2016. In 2018, the game presented to users with a scene design in Turkey has caused great interest of the visitors.

This game is also developed by its creators as a virtual military simulator. At present, the project is being improved and is being prepared in the form of two different projects as a military simulator prototype for the armed forces.

Along with this, CustomAR intends to organize virtual reality (VR) training for military forces. The Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies allocated funds for the purchase of facilities for this purpose.

The company will make VR simulators produced in Azerbaijan, and will sell it on the domestic and foreign markets. Thus, under the brand Made in Azerbaijan, another innovative product will be released to the world market.

The funds allocated at the ceremony today were presented to the head of "CustomAR" company.